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Christmas Trees Boost Wholesale Profits

Christmas is almost here and at this time of year there is one product that every household in the UK will be looking for – a Christmas tree.

Christmas trees are sold all over the country in a variety of locations. Gardening centres bulk up their displays to deal with consumer demand, woodland local businesses use forest plots to sell trees and supermarkets and high street stores stock plenty of artificial Christmas trees through the colder months. Christmas trees are everywhere at this time of year! And so for wholesale buyers this presents a profit making opportunity. By contacting wholesale suppliers, resellers can boost sales this winter – whether it’s at a car boot sale or online.

During the lead up to the festive period, thousands of consumers look for Christmas trees and Christmas decorations. They visit market stalls, shops and online retailers in search of yuletide products and with some real and fake trees costing up to £70, consumers aren’t afraid of splashing out. In fact, the Christmas tree sector is apparently worth £1bn a year throughout Europe so there is definitely a portion of the market available for resellers.

The Wholesale Scout Team recently did a case study on wholesale Christmas trees and found some wholesale suppliers offering these products at competitive prices. Browse the directory to start contacting these suppliers today.

TIP: Wholesale buyers should think carefully before stocking up on Christmas trees and plan budgets carefully. Although Christmas trees are very popular in December, most households will take them down as soon as it is New Year. So whilst it is sometimes rewarding to be ambitious with product selection and replenishment, Christmas trees aren’t popular all year round so wholesale buyers should be wary of being left with surplus stock.

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