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Why Harry Potter Is Still Valuable to Wholesale Buyers

This week the author of the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling, is set to release her new novel. It’s the first book she has written since the Potter series and this time she is aiming her fiction at adults, in the form of the Casual Vacancy.

The spotlight has been thrown on the author during the past few weeks, as the new book has received (understandably) a lot of media attention. Everyone has been wondering how this new story, of a small fictional town called Pagford, will live up to its hugely successful predecessors.

And with the attention back on Rowling the team at Wholesale Scout have been recalling how popular the Harry Potter series was and how lucrative it still is for wholesale buyers.

Last year the team produced a Harry Potter case study and looked at its phenomenal success. The books were inevitably made into a movie franchise and the last instalment, The Deathly Hallows, hit cinema screens last year and made a huge £600m worldwide. The story has captured the imagination of both adults and children and film merchandise has always been a popular purchase.

Although the Harry Potter series has finished, J K Rowling is back in the spotlight so there will no doubt be more demand for Harry Potter merchandise. Christmas is approaching and consumers will be looking for products like this for presents so resellers should look at contacting wholesale suppliers.

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