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Why You Should Source Wholesale DVDs and Films

One of the biggest events in film took place last night and saw both stars of the screen and the media attend. The 2012 Oscars, hosted in LA, was a celebration of the last year in film and it reminded us that DVDs and the entertainment industry can be very lucrative.

The Oscars is perhaps the biggest movie ceremony there is and plays host to hundreds of well known movie stars every year. There were a mixture of films on the awards list last night – from silent movies and dramas to romance and animation. There really is a diverse market in the entertainment industry and this can be explored by wholesalers too.

All year round consumers look to purchase DVDs and films. Special occasions like birthdays prompt gift ideas although a lot of DVD purchases are impulse buys. Because of its popularity all year round wholesale buyers should look to stock wholesale DVD and films.

Finding the right wholesale supplier is crucial because if you can secure large orders at competitive prices then you can push your profit margins up.

It isn’t just the movies that are in demand though. Popular films like the Harry Potter and Twilight franchises mean retailers have to stock up on film memorabilia and items. Film fans are on the constant look out for clothing, products, posters and information so they can imitate their onscreen idols. A few years ago the team at Wholesale Scout spotted the rise in popularity of Rocky memorabilia and so sourced film merchandise at the best prices.

Buyers should think outside of the box and look at film release dates to ensure they are maximising on sales. Why not check out our wholesale DVD product page and get started on your search today?

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