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Why Wholesale Games Can Boost Your Sales

The gaming industry is worth almost £3bn in the UK. And its popularity continues to grow, online and offline.

Thousands of people all over the country have a games console. Whether it’s the Xbox, Playstation or Nintendo Wii – consumers continue to invest in the gaming market.

Despite the downsizing of high street retailer Game earlier this year, consumers still search for games to hire or purchase – but it’s now mainly done on the internet.

And this is why the gaming industry is so valuable for wholesale buyers. Consumers often search sites like eBay to find second-hand games or equipment – as they look for the most competitive prices. So there is a captive online audience searching for competitive prices – a perfect selling opportunity for wholesale buyers.

Games also require minimal storage and can often be bought in bulk – meaning your inventory is always stocked. Games and consoles are purchased throughout the year too including during seasonal celebrations so there is a demand all year round.

Another reason resellers should look at this market is the growing demand for female-friendly games. The introduction of products like the Wii Fit and Guitar Hero have opened up the games market to females and families.

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