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Brand Spotlight: B&Q

B&Q Brand Spotlight

“You can do it when you B&Q it…” We all know the catchy slogan, and we all head to B&Q for all of our DIY essentials, from painting and decorating supplies, to garden and building merchandise.

B&Q plc, AKA Block and Quayle, is a British DIY and Home Improvement retailer company. Founded in 1969, in Southampton, UK by Richard Block and David Quayle, the first store was opened in the suburb of Portswood. The company quickly expanded, and by 1979 there were 26 stores across the UK. During the 1980s, the firm shifted their focus from just DIY supplies to home-wares, including: flooring, lighting, soft furnishings and bathrooms. By the late 90s the classic B&Q Depot’s were well-and-truly established, and became the go-to place for all home improvement products available under one roof.

The company sells a multitude of goods from various product ranges, but are renowned for their great variety of home decorating supplies, in particular, paint and wallpaper.

Dealing in DIY and Home Improvement supplies, especially as a wholesale buyer, is a great way to branch out and create a reliable income, as this sector is always one that people will require, and many of the products are disposable, meaning that you will always get repeat custom year on year.

In order to compete against giants like B&Q, it’s best to either offer a very similar range of products at lower prices, or – as that can be very competitive – specialise in a certain product range or niche item: basic hardware supplies, home furnishings, lighting, bathrooms, gardening products, soft furnishings, kitchen and cooking goods.

If you are interested in finding out more about DIY and home improvement supplies and would like to find wholesalers who offer these products, then please see the relevant section on our website or get in touch with the team to discuss your needs.

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