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Although many people admit to hiring a professional to help with home improvements, many people in the UK still rely on a ‘do it yourself’ attitude. Therefore DIY equipment is worth investing in if you have a wholesale buying business.

DIY equipment will always be needed. Whether it’s attempting big home improvements or just fixing something around the house, many consumers need DIY equipment and tools in the house.

A survey undertaken a few years ago suggests that the modern man is less inclined to carry out DIY projects – with one in five admitting they didn’t have a great knowledge of home improvement. However, there is still a huge portion of the population that like to carry out these projects alone – including those that enjoy it and those that are trying to save money.

A survey carried out last year suggests that the average UK consumer spends up to £1,000 a quarter on DIY. The average homeowner throughout the year will undertake a variety of projects including repainting, wallpapering, renewing carpets, hanging new curtains and re-tiling bathrooms.

As well as completing many tasks around the house, a lot of consumers concentrate on gardening during spring in order to improve it in time for the summer.

The team at Wholesale Scout know that this market is growing and that there is a demand for DIY tools throughout the year and so the team has found a wholesale supplier offering these goods at competitive prices.

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