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Start Stocking Up For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it’s one of the busiest times of the year for the high street. It’s also a potentially lucrative time for your wholesale buying business too so now is the time to start contacting wholesale suppliers and stocking up on wholesale goods.


One of the most popular purchases during Valentines is chocolate and sweets. Many consumers across the country search for luxury boxes of chocolates and sweets, to give as a gift. These items, although not especially lucrative per unit, are sold in large volumes at this time of year so it could pay to contact confectionary wholesale suppliers.


A recent case study on the Wholesale Scout website revealed that consumers spend £2.2bn a year on fresh flowers. They are popular throughout the year but their popularity soars in February. Not many resellers will think of stocking flowers – usually because many focus on consumer electronics. But flowers could see your profits boost at this time of year and are fairly easy to store so it could be worth contacting suppliers.


Wholesale toys and games are also popular in February. Many consumers search for teddy bears and ‘cute’ toys to give as a Valentine’s gift so consider stocking these in your inventory.


Alcoholic drinks are sought after by consumers throughout the year. And if you have any left from the Christmas season – don’t despair as Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to resell. Many consumers look for luxurious alcoholic gifts including champagne to celebrate the occasion. The team at Wholesale Scout have found a supplier offering personalised champagne bottles at competitive prices so it’s definitely worth a look.

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