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How Chocolate Can Boost Your Wholesale Business

Last week we looked at how Valentine’s Day can be a great boost for your wholesale buying business. With only a few days to go until the event, many consumers will be heading to the shops looking for Valentine’s Day cards and presents. One of the most popular products at this time of year is chocolate so we have looked into some wholesale suppliers and how you can boost your business activity.

Chocolate comes in all shapes and sizes. Bags of chocolate, chocolate bars, chocolate spread, chocolate dip, chocolate ice cream…. it’s very popular and is stocked all year round on supermarket shelves. Consumers spend a whopping £4 billion approx. per year on chocolate alone. On average, each consumer in the UK eats over 1.5 stone of chocolate per year! It’s a growing industry too and, especially during special occasions like valentines, it’s worth investing in if you have a wholesale business.

Whether you are selling from a small market stall or offer chocolate based gifts on your website, this is a definitely a product that could see your sales increase at this time of year.

The team at Wholesale Scout have been searching for wholesale suppliers that can offer confectionary at good prices. As luxury purchases are sure to be made during the next week, it could be worth stocking up on luxury brands – like this Thorntons favourites hamper. But if you are looking for something a bit more simple, there are a number of other chocolate wholesale suppliers on the site including those who specialise in Belgian and luxury brands and high street brands.

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