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Improving Your Wholesale Customer Service

If you are running a wholesale business the most important thing, as well as finding the best stock from wholesale suppliers, is customer service. Good customer service can not only grow your sales, but it can boost your reputation and credibility and it can help to improve your brand awareness. If you are currently looking at ways to improve your customer service, check below for some tips and start boosting your customer base now!


Marketing to your customer base will demonstrate to your customers that you value them. Keeping them up to date with product changes and news will help to grow customer loyalty and may even gain you some new customers! There are a variety of ways you can market – email, social media and direct marketing are just a few of the options so it’s worth exploring if you don’t already have a marketing plan in place.

Special Offers

You will need to offer special offers throughout the year because consumers are always looking for a bargain! And if they can’t find it from you, they are likely to go to your competitor! Special offers don’t have to be too drastic but they are a great way of drawing interest from customers. Special offers should be offered on occasion to regular customers too as you are rewarding their loyalty and it’s likely they’ll continue to buy from you if they get good deals throughout the year. Whether it’s emailing your customers to tell them of an upcoming offer or displaying a limited time only deal on your website – think about offers and review your prices regularly to improve customer service.


One of the best ways to improve customer service is to ask your customers what they want to see! Offer online surveys or email surveys and find out what your customers think of your business. Do they want to see more special offers? Do they want more product descriptions? Is your delivery service good enough? These are all questions you can ask your customers and you can use the feedback to improve your wholesale offering.

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