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Achieve Yuletide Profits with Wholesale Christmas Trees

Yep, it’s that time of year again! The weather turns from wet and windy to finger numbingly cold and frosty and retailers look toward the burgeoning Christmas market sector. However we’re not going to focus on what gifts are going to sell well this year, or what is going to be the next big thing in the children’s toy market – we’re going to focus on trees, Christmas Trees. As the retail sector focuses on the hoards in shopping centres it’s a product that’s often overlooked but you’ll find a real Christmas Tree in 20% of UK households this year (according to a recent survey by Which?) so with a product one in five households desire, in a sector reputedly worth £1bn each year in Europe,you’ll be guaranteed some willing buyers.

Another great aspect of buying wholesale Christmas Trees to sell onto the domestic market is that it’s an item that sells best in person enabling you to get out there and see your customers face to face. People like to buy locally where they can see and feel the tree this also allows the seller to benefit from less competition and a sales medium outside of the ultra competitive online market. Overall we at WholesaleScout feel this is an attractive sector to be in for the months of November and December so our research team set about finding some suppliers of healthy real life Christmas Trees.

After some intensive research into wholesale Christmas tree growers around the UK the WholesaleScout Researchers have found several suppliers that will be able to meet the needs of the trade buyer looking to break into this yuletide market sector. We’ve also taken the time to include some details for suppliers of Christmas decorations which could compliment your tree range perfectly. To help with your pricing we’ve also looked into the average price for a 5ft Nordman Fir (a standard Christmas tree species) and found that it comes in at around £30 so if you price your trees around this level you should be rewarded with some healthy sales and profits! Don’t hang around get in touch with our Christmas tree suppliers today.

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