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Santa's Sack Full of Wholesale iPhone Opportunities!

Every retailer and re-seller is looking for the perfect item to stock for Christmas. As we’ve said in our monthly Case Studies countless times before (sorry to bore you by saying it again) Christmas really is a crucial time for the retail trade with Britons estimated to spend an astounding £11 billion during the festive season of 2009. This year we aim to help our members secure a share of this profitable Yule-tide pie by finding you the right product at the right price via the most reliable wholesale supplier.

So how do you grab a piece of this lucrative market? We’ve been asking ourselves the same question over the last month or so and our product research has lead us to one consumer electronic item that we’re sure will be one of the hottest Christmas gifts of 2009 – the Apple iPhone 3GS. Our expert research team has scoured the country for reliable wholesalers for this much loved and in demand mobile phone and has found a trade supplier of factory fresh 16GB Apple iPhones that are completely SIM free and at a very profitable re-sale price ready for your willing buyers to snap them up and pop them under the Christmas tree.

Here are the product and wholesaler details that could make your Christmas a profitable one

Apple iPhone 3GS 16GB – SIM Free

Supplier Price: £400 per unit

Likely Sale Price:  £479 per unit

Profit (after fees & postage): £70 per unit

Minimum Order 20 units –
Profit per Order £1400

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