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The vast majority of consumers in the UK own a Smartphone and with so many handsets on the market there is certainly a variety to choose from when it comes to purchasing. This is also true for wholesale buyers – there are plenty of Smartphones on the market that can be bought at competitive trade prices and can offer a healthy return on investment.

The most popular Smartphone brand on the market is Apple. And with new handsets being released frequently and new software like ios7 proving popular, it appears that Apple will continue to dominate the market for some time. The Apple iPhone 5 continues to sell well as do some of Apple’s slightly older models. The Apple iPhone 4 is still popular with consumers as it is more affordable. This wholesaler is offering Apple iPhone 4 stock (unlocked) at £300 per unit, and the likely resale price of these are £359 per unit. This wholesaler has a minimum order of 25 units so, if sold at the RRP, you’re looking at a profit of £1,475 for every 25 units sold. There are also a number of other Apple iPhone wholesalers offering stock at competitive prices.

Although Apple is a popular brand with consumers this also means it is a popular brand for wholesale buyers. And with some traders being able to plough a lot of cash into purchasing stock, the reselling market can be very tough. So to increase your profit margins it could also be worth targeting some lesser known brands. Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Blackberry are all phones that consumers still purchase but the competition you face in securing stock from wholesalers may not be as fierce as the competition you face when buying Apple products. To find suppliers of these phone brands click here.

Samsung is one of the most popular Android brands on the market. The Samsung Galaxy series has proved very popular with consumers and so finding suppliers specialising in these models should see your business get a boost.

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