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Wholesale Beauty Products Could Increase Your Sales

The beauty industry is worth over £15bn in the UK so if you are a wholesale buyer this is definitely an industry worth targeting.

There are a mixture of beauty products on the market and a number of popular brands. High street retailers stock a host of products – from facial skincare and hair products to nail kits and make up. Many online retailers have also taken to selling these products at competitive prices, demonstrating just how valuable this market is.

Some of the most popular products are in the facial skincare market. Skincare is worth almost £1bn a year in the UK and the market continues to grow. It’s thought the popularity of anti-aging creams and anti-wrinkle creams have had a huge impact on this market. Although high street brands are popular with consumers (because of the pricing) some high-end skincare products sell well and, if found at the right wholesale price, could provide some healthy profit opportunities. This Liz Earle cleanse and polish has an RRP of £14.75 per unit and can be found within the wholesale directory at a competitive trade price. Similarly a number of other high-end skincare lines can be found within the wholesale directory at well below the prices you’ll see on the high street.

Makeup is also a very lucrative market with consumers spending millions every year on makeup products like foundation, mascara and concealer. Popular brands include MAC, Barry M and Bobbi Brown and all of these products can be found well below the RRP on the Wholesale Scout website.

Other beauty products worth looking into stocking could be nail polish and grooming kits, hair styling products and equipment, fragrances, body washes and accessories.

Try looking through the wholesale beauty products page to find stock now.
wholesale beauty products

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