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wholesale halloween products

October is here and Halloween is fast approaching so get your stock ready!

Halloween is a great opportunity to resale items quickly. Most high street retailers have already started to stock up on Halloween products from outfits and decorations to cakes and sweets. And it’s no wonder as Halloween is now one of the most lucrative holidays in the UK.

A decade ago the Halloween industry was worth an estimated £12m but now consumers spend an estimated £300m on Halloween celebrations. The holiday is now rivalling the profitability of Valentine’s Day. Although traditionally Halloween was always seen as a more lucrative event in America it seems the UK has well and truly caught up.

In 2010 Waitrose reported huge sales increases of some of its Halloween themed products. Sales of their decorations increased by 21% and the brand also sold 676% more large pumpkins than on previous years. These figures demonstrate just how growing this market is so if you are a reseller looking to increase your sales this autumn then investing in Halloween themed items could be a lucrative choice.

There are a variety of products that will sell well during the Halloween season. Halloween DVDs are popular especially since the launch of huge movies like Harry Potter and Twilight. Some DVDs can be found at a much lower price than the RRP and can offer some attractive profit margins. As well as DVDs, film memorabilia and costumes can be popular. No doubt this year people attending parties will be looking for vampire costumes following the success of Breaking Dawn Part 2 last year. Many consumers look for these types of products online too so posting your stock on sites like eBay and Amazon should see you achieve some healthy Halloween sales. Other items which could see you increasing sales include confectionary, cakes, accessories and home decorations.

The team at Wholesale Scout have found a number of wholesalers specialising in Halloween products and costumes so start your search today!

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