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Refurbished Laptops, PCs and Computers Can Be Had at 60% Off RRP

As you are currently viewing our website, more than likely via a computer, we don’t need to stress that PCs and Laptops are great sellers in today’s technologically driven times. A whopping 10 million computers are sold in the UK each year, figures that illustrate the vastness of this market and the fact that there’s no shortage of demand if you can sell computers from the top brands such as Apple, Dell, HP and Acer at the right prices.

With this in mind the research team at went in search of a wholesale supplier of refurbished branded computers that could pull in the sales with their specifications as well as their price tag. Our research team wanted to find a wholesaler that could supply popular top of the range refurbished laptops like the Dell XPS 15z and Apple MacBook Pro along with offering desktop PCs such as the iMac. After some lengthy enquiries through-out the computer and electronics trade our researchers found some wholesalers that can not only offer these computers at well below retail price they also come with a lengthy warranty from the relevant manufacturer!

This is just a sample of some of the amazing bargains that can be had;



Refurbished Wholesale Price

Re-Sale Price

Potential Profit

MacBook Pro 2.55GHz Intel Core i5 – 4GB RAM – 500GB HD




Dell XPS 15z 2.7GHz Intel Core i7 – 8GB RAM – 750GB HD £770



Refurbished Dell Alienware Aurora R3 – Intel i7 2600 – 2GB GFX Card




Acer Aspire 5742 Laptop – Intel i5 – 6GB RAM – 750GB HD £520



All prices correct at the time of publishing.

With some computers available with up to 60% off RRP complete with manufacturer warranty our users can certainly profit from sourcing refurbished laptops so contact these wholesalers today.

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