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As a wholesale information resource we are constantly being pushed by ourselves and our members to find the cheapest possible trade wholesalers in every product sector. This task becomes increasingly difficult when dealing with high demand, popular products from high profile multi-national brands. A typical example of this situation is the mobile phones sector. Global brands such as Apple, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and Samsung (plus many more) regularly create strong demands for their products by releasing new models with new features and backing these releases with huge marketing campaigns and celebrity endorsements. Couple this with the modern day pressure from society to have the latest technical gadget and the simply huge market audience (virtually everyone over the age of 12 in the UK owns a mobile phone) and you have a seriously powerful product with an market thirsting for more.

The problem when re-selling, it seems, is that a popular product breeds mass interest from would-be re-sellers targeting consistent sales ultimately resulting in many traders competing against each other and low sales prices for the consumer who has a wide array of stockists to choose from. This in turn sees the Wholesale Scout research team constantly scouring the country for the UK’s cheapest wholesalers of mobile phones – and it is in this sector that we have focussed our April 2010 Case Study. During some extended research into Apple iPhone mobile phone trade distributors this month we discovered a reliable UK wholesaler which proved there is still profit to be made even in the very competitive sector of mobile phones; with mark-ups of almost £100 on some mobile phone models and with products from Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Blackberry and Sony Ericsson, any re-seller in this sector will look to source from this supplier.

Here are just five mobile phone models this wholesaler offers which represent a re-sale profit opportunity (our table features the keenest priced online retailer for each item using Google products as a reference at the time of publishing – profit margin figure gives a general idea of the sort of gross-profit mark-up that can be achieved on re-sale);


Wholesale Price

Retail Price

Profit Margin(per unit)

Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB



£538 (Tesco)


Samsung Tocco Ultra Lite (S8300)


£220 (Amazon)


Sony Ericsson C903



£160 (Play)


Nokia E72



£260 (Handtec)


Blackberry Bold



£380 (eBuyer)


This is just an example of the product range this UK mobile phone wholesaler stocks so be sure to get in touch with them to discuss your requirements!

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