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LG Launch World’s Biggest UD TV; Source Wholesale Televisions

This week saw the launch of the world’s biggest ultra definition television, from technology giant LG.

It has an 84inch screen and supports a 4K picture format and the current selling price would be a whopping £14,000.

Although it may be out of most people’s price range for now, the launch of the new LG television demonstrates just how advanced plasmas and LCD screens are becoming. But although many consumers look for the latest smart or 3D TV, there are still thousands of consumers shopping around for the best bargain.

Standard flat screen television with built in free view and HD are just as popular as ever. High street retailers stock a variety of brands including Samsung, LG, Panasonic and Sony.

Resellers can boost profits by sourcing these brands too and by searching for competitive wholesale suppliers – televisions and consumer electronics are sought after all year round too.

We have found a number of television wholesale suppliers so you don’t have to. Browse our wholesale directory to start boosting your inventory.

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