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Success Stories: Calavera Swimwear

Anna Jerstrom started a surf clothing line from scratch and has made it into a successful business. Wholesale Scout looks at its rise to success.

Anna Jerstrom began Calavera Swimwear after a holiday in Costa Rica. Working in Finance in London, Jerstrom had holiday time to take so decided to embark on a surfing trip with friends. Having never tried the sport before she didn’t know what to expect, however after just a few moments surfing the waves she realised it was what she wanted to do.

Shortly after this she resigned from her job in London and relocated to Costa Rica to become a Surfer. The unique idea for Calavera Swimwear was born out of frustration. Jerstrom found that traditional bikinis couldn’t keep up with the big waves and she saw a gap in the market for comfortable, practical and stylish surf wear and bikinis.

She then spent time sourcing wholesale materials and designing a number of bikinis and rash vests.

Each of the products is designed to maximise on functionality. Each item of clothing has been tested by the Calavera surf team, on some of the biggest waves in the world. The unique designs include hidden spots to keep car keys and other items off the beach while you surf, Velcro bikini bottoms and longer ties on bikini tops to lessen neck strain.

Calavera Swimwear’s interactive online store is popular but plans are already in motion for the clothing to hit specialist retailers in California where the company is currently based.

Now with an international fan following and projected revenue of $200,000 in 2012, it seems Jerstrom has surfed her way to success.

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