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When it comes to laptops and computers there is one brand that consumers get excited about. With its unique, sleek designs and on trend image, the Apple Mac is still one of the most popular consumer tech purchases to date.

Computers are big business, with over 10 million computers being sold every year in the UK. And Apple is one of the biggest players. Apple sold 4.1 million Macs in the first quarter of the year showing just how popular these units are with consumers. And there are a variety to choose from. Macbook Air, Macbook Pro and the iMac are the main models available from online and high street retailers.

Wholesale suppliers offer some competitive deals on Mac and other Apple products, although it takes a lot of research to find the best suppliers. The Wholesale Scout team realise how popular Apple Mac products are and how potentially profitable they can be and so the team have spent time researching the best wholesalers so members don’t have to!

The Wholesale Scout team have found some bargain deals on Apple iMac units. One model the team found can be purchased from a trusted supplier for £900. And with a resale price of £1250 there are certainly big profits to be made. With £350 off the RRP there should be plenty of opportunity to gain a healthy profit margin.

Although new units will resale at good prices, you can also make some profit on refurbished laptops. This wholesale case study shows a wholesaler offering a refurbished Macbook Pro for £1,479 – £320 less than the possible resale price.

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