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Find Plasma and LCD Televisions at Wholesale Prices

Televisions can be a great investment if you are setting up a wholesale business.
With most households across the country having one or more televisions in, this is a product that will be easy to resale all year round. A recent survey by Ofcom demonstrated just how much consumers rely on their televisions for their entertainment. Apparently the average UK household watches television for 3 hours and 45 minutes a day. These figures show just how popular televisions are and therefore how easy units can be to sell on.
Retailers on the high street offer some of the latest LCD, LED and Plasma televisions however high street pricing can be slightly higher than online. Many consumers search online for bargains on technology including televisions – so selling your stock via your own website or eBay/Amazon could be potentially lucrative.
There are a variety of televisions on the market and prices vary depending on screen resolution, make, model and size. LED and 3D televisions are newer technology than plasma and LCD and so the ticket price is usually much higher.
If you are planning on reselling televisions then it’s crucial you secure them at a low wholesale price in order to maximize your profit margins. Luckily the research team at Wholesale Scout know how to find some of the best wholesale suppliers and they have found stock that could see your profits soar.
This Samsung 19” LCD TV has an RRP of £189 but the Wholesale Scout team found a supplier offering it at £75 per unit. The team also found some great deals on other brands including this LG 42” full HD LCD TV.
To grab an even bigger bargain you could consider buying a pallet of ex-highstreet LCD televisions. Pallets of stock, although risky as you may not always know what’s in them, are a great way to drill trade prices down even further.

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