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Profit from our Yankee Candle Wholesale Supplier

Here at we’re always looking out for growth markets and products which will enable our members to capitalise on the popularity and profitability of a sector which is enjoying a high volume of sales and good profit margins.

It’s with this theme in mind that brings us to this month’s Wholesale Scout Case Study. Our research team have been closely following the scented candle market over the past year or so, as the scented candle (especially in the form of the bigger brands such as Yankee Candle) has risen from a quirky, niche product to a very popular feature in the average UK home. Sales of scented candles have increased by 300% over the last few years – they are now even stocked by every major UK supermarket. Based on the growth in this sector we thought it was time to find some reliable trade wholesalers for scented candles from the world’s most famous brand in this market – Yankee Candle (our recommend scented candle supplier also deals in brands such as Colony and Colonial).

After leaning on our wholesale contacts and extensive industry sector research into scented candle distributors within the UK our team managed to find a reliable UK wholesaler that can supply scented candles from Yankee Candle, Colony and Colonial by the pallet. This results in massive savings for the trade buyer as bulk purchasing means that you can buy candles which retail at £11.99 for just 69p per unit! Ultimately this allows you the trader to make up to £10 per unit sold. These pallets are being sold by our recommended scented candle wholesaler at just £4000/pallet yet they have a retail value of over £40,000! As you can tell from the figures, if you have the storage space, the opportunity for profit – even in competitive re-sale markets like eBay – is absolutely huge. Don’t miss out on a piece of this growth sector and contact this trade supplier today.

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