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Keeping Your Wholesale Customers Shopping Online

If you have an e-Commerce website your main aim will be to get customers browsing and buying products! But how do you keep them on the site and, more importantly, how do you ensure they complete the check-out process?

In the UK almost £1 in every £10 is spent on online purchasing so the online retail industry is booming. As a wholesale buyer you can definitely up your profits by having an online presence and selling products via the internet. But many consumers will browse a site, add products to their shopping basket and then log off without making the purchases. There are a number of reasons as to why this could be – here’s some tips to ensure it doesn’t happen to you!

Make It Look Good

If a shopper is browsing on your website and doesn’t see much colour or many pictures, they are more likely to leave the site and shop elsewhere. To ensure they purchase from you consider the look of your website and product pictures.


If your products have very little description this can cause consumers to go elsewhere. Add as much content about your products as possible.

Make It Simple

Some sites make the buying process very difficult. If a consumer can’t see a ‘buy’ button or be able to add and delete products from their shopping basket easily, they are likely to give up in pure frustration. Make the buying process as simple as possible.

Add Options

Some consumers might want to be a member of your site, some might want to only visit. Some consumers might want to purchase via PayPal and some might want to use debit card. Ensure you cover as many options as possible to capture the maximum amount of people.


It’s a good idea to stock a variety of products. Someone looking for a vacuum might also be looking for vacuum bags. Try and stock complimentary products so they can shop with you, all under one roof!

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