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New Apple iPad is Popular as Ever – Source Wholesale iPads to Keep up with Demand

The Apple brand dominates much of the technology market and their iPads are unrivalled in terms of popularity.

The new iPad was released in March 2012 and is a step up from the iPad 2. The tablets have been popular ever since their release. They are portable and sleek and they look like a bigger version of the iPhone. Users are able to browse the internet, write documents, download music and play games on the move.

The new iPad, the iPad 3, was released last month and has a number of new features including a better screen, retina display, upgraded camera and voice dictation. Although there are a number of other tablets on the market including the Blackberry Playbook, the Apple iPad seems to always win with consumers. And their popularity is proven by their sales figures. During the first quarter of 2012, 11.8 million iPads were sold and Apple brought in profits of over $11bn.

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