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Wholesale Buyers Get Ready for the Olympics 2012

The Olympics kicks off in London in just a few weeks time but are you doing enough to prepare your business for one of the busiest times of the year?

The Olympics don’t often come to the UK and this summer will see thousands of spectators from all over the globe visit to celebrate the Olympic games. For wholesale buyers this is going to be a particularly busy time as the general public will be in search of cheap food, drinks and sports products and memorabilia.

Wholesale suppliers will be feeling the pressure especially in areas like London and other games areas like Weymouth. Disruption to roads and busy traffic could affect deliveries and stock control.

So to ensure you receive your stock on time and maximise on business opportunities;

Allow plenty of time to order stock

Allow more storage space to stock up on products early

Spend time sourcing the most competitive wholesale suppliers and order quickly

Visit the local area (if you intend to sell) and ensure you allow time to choose a good selling spot

If you sell online, post products well before the games to allow you enough time to deliver them to customers

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