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UK Bad Weather Continues; Find Wholesale Umbrellas to Protect You From the Rain!

This summer has seen record amounts of rain fall in the UK with floods happening up and down the country. But it’s not all doom and gloom for wholesale buyers.

One member of the Wholesale Scout team recently attended an outdoors event on a beach (yes, a beach in the pouring rain!). And they noticed a reseller unloading stock and selling umbrellas. The umbrellas were propped up in the sand and ready for any event goers to purchase swiftly and to help the public avoid the rain. And many consumers did visit his product stand and make a purchase. This reseller had done his homework, knew there would be thousands of people outside in bad weather and stocked up his inventory to help boost his business.

And as well as wholesale umbrellas, there are a variety of other wholesale suppliers you could use during this rainy summer. We’re sure event goers would appreciate wellington boots during rainy days so sourcing wholesale footwear could be potentially very lucrative too. Of course you need to put in a lot of preparation, find out when an event is happening locally and obtain the relevant licenses. But doing your product research and preparing to maximise on opportunities like this could see your profits soar!

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