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Apple iPad Mini to Launch; Find Wholesale Tablet Computers

The release date of the new Apple iPad mini is apparently coming soon and so popularity of tablet computers looks set to rise.

The Apple iPad is one of the most popular tablet computers on the market. It has Apple’s sleek design, with rounded edges and quality finishes. But now the technology giant is set to release another, smaller version, called the iPad mini.

The new model is apparently going to have a screen size of 7 inches. It’s thought the launch is based on users wanting to be able to hold and operate a tablet with only one hand. Other popular tablet computers on the market that enable consumers to do this are the Amazon Kindle Fire HD and the Google Nexus 7.

Apple sold over 17 million tablets in the first quarter of this year and that proves just how in demand these products are. With so many consumers wanting to work on the move, access media files and network with their friends on social media sites, the demand for portable and stylish computers is extremely high.

For wholesale buyers this can be a very lucrative market. However choosing the right wholesale suppliers is essential. These products are popular and so bulk purchases are usually required in order to gain a good return on investment.

As well as finding tablet computers buyers should look at tablet computer cases as these are likely to sell well during the Christmas period as gift ideas and are very easy to stock.

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