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How to Sell Products at a Car Boot Sale

Car boot sales are popular all over the country. In this article we look at how to pick products and how to attract customers to your stall.

Car boot sales vary depending on the area but generally they are what they say on the tin! You go to the site, pay a fee to have a pitch (usually £10 or less), drive your car to your pitch, open your car boot and start selling! They are a great way of clearing out unwanted items and they can be extra revenue streams. Many wholesale buyers will purchase stock and attend a car boot sale to sell on their products throughout the year so they are definitely worth visiting.

Firstly you need to do your research and find out where your local site is. Try and find out about fees too as this will help you prepare your cash flow. After you have these details it could be worth visiting the site a few times to see what other people are selling and to look at buyer habits. Are there particular items that sell well? What kind of prices are there? Once you know this it will help you to select products and prices.

Next you need to speak to wholesale suppliers and stock up on products. Once you have selected your products you can start trading! One of the most important things to consider when selling at a car boot sale is that consumers are not looking to spend a fortune. You may get a few people wanting to purchase high-end items but most people are looking for a bargain! Beware of this when you are selecting products.

When you pitch up you need to ensure you get people visiting your pitch – there’s no point going to a car boot sale if nobody wants to buy your products. So try and stand out from the crowd – put labels on products, hang clothes on rails, keep eye contact with consumers and consider playing music. Once a buyer is at your stall you can then use your sales skills to close them.

Keep checking the time and if you have only a few minutes left reduce your prices. This will usually create some customers and activity for the last part of the car boot sale. Only reduce your prices if you have to!

Use your experience to work on your next car boot sale and to raise your profile. Ensure you keep looking on our wholesale directory for more supplier details and the best prices and look out for trends.

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