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Furbies were launched over a decade ago but they’ve made a comeback – and that means the toy industry is going to be particularly busy this Christmas.

Furbies were originally launched in 1998 and they’re a small, cuddly robotic toy resembling an owl/hamster creature. A Furby was popular because of its ability to communicate. It is able to talk in Furbish and eventually is able to talk in a variety of languages. Its popularity is obvious – during its peak over 40 million units were sold.

The Furby has now been re-released just in time for the festive period and already stores all over the UK are stocking the furry gadget. High street retailers and supermarkets have bought in thousands of units ready for the Christmas period and at a retail price of around £60 they are a potentially very lucrative purchase.

Along with Furbies, there are a variety of other toys and gadgets that are popular during this time of year and wholesale buyers should look to stock up in order to prepare for demand.

We have a list of wholesale toys and games suppliers who can offer products at competitive prices. Other items that sell well during this time of year are soft toys, film memorabilia and Lego. Lego can also create some attractive profits – some of the Lord of the Rings Lego is stocked in high street stores and prices can go up to £80.

To have a slice of the industry resellers should start looking for wholesale suppliers in order to maximise profits this winter.

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