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How to Increase Your Wholesale Sales Online

If you have an e-Commerce website and are running your wholesale business online then there are some ways you can increase your sales.


Whether it’s free (video, social media) or paid ads, you should constantly review your advertising budget and strategy. Advertising online is a great way of raising your company profile and could lead to more click-throughs to your website.


In order to keep your customers loyal you need to constantly re-visit and update your shop – which in this case is your website. It’s the hub of your business and is where all of your products and services are going to be seen. As well as offering special offers and low prices to get customers onto the site, you need to make their shopping experience as easy as possible to ensure they come back. Use trusted payment methods like PayPal and make the design and product descriptions easy to read and detailed.

Customer Feedback

Getting customer feedback is a great way of improving your business. Ask the customers what they think needs improving and listen to them!


Sourcing competitive wholesale suppliers and keeping your product costs attractive is an effective way of increasing sales. Offering a variety of products will keep your customers interested and if you use the right supplier, you can ensure you offer your customers the best prices whilst still making a healthy profit margin.

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