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How Your Customers Can Help You Improve Your Wholesale Business

Whether you re-sell products via the internet to ‘virtual’ customers or you sell on a market stall, you can learn a lot about your business through your customers. Wholesale Scout investigates.

The one key aspect of any wholesale business is loyal customers. If you are finding the best products from the most competitive wholesale suppliers and are aware of the latest product trends then you definitely have the ingredients of a good business. But unless you have customers to sell them too, you will be left with a large amount of stock you can’t shift.

So how do you keep your customers loyal? You can actually find helpful information from your customers. Here are some tips on how customers can help you to improve your wholesale business

Ask For Their Feedback

If you operate an e-Commerce website ensure you have some sort of website feedback option. Let customers tell you how easy your website is to use, what your returns policy is really like and what they think of the products on offer. By collating regular feedback from your customers you can streamline your business. If you trade in a market, then ask these questions to random customers every so often.


Watch out for what products are being searched for on your site. Obviously looking at the best sellers is crucial too but you should check for other products that people are searching for. You might find there is one particular product that customers are searching for but not purchasing from you as they can’t find it. Keep up with product trends.

Ensuring you interact with your customers regularly and finding out what they want will help you to increase sales and it will improve your customer loyalty.

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