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How to Maximise Your eBay Sales

Selling products via eBay is a great way of making sales because it is quick and cost effective. The internet is used by millions of consumers all over the world and internet shopping is becoming increasingly popular so it’s also a fantastic way of capturing customers.

As a wholesale buyer there are plenty of consumers to market to on eBay – but there are a few things you need to consider if you want to up your online sales.

Choosing Sections

If you list your products in the wrong section this can really hinder your chances of selling large volumes of stock. Similarly, labelling a product with the wrong name will make it harder for consumers to search for. Instead concentrate on adding as many details as possible and ensure you label the title clearly. The more content you include, the more visible your advert!


Lots of consumers, when searching to buy online products, will narrow down their search to include only products with photos. This is because it allows them to see what they are purchasing before they part with cash and it gives them a feeling of trust. By adding photos to a product you will demonstrate your legitimacy and are more like to increase sales so take plenty of clear pictures.

Product Selection

Carefully choosing products to suit the time of year and noticing product trends is key to succeeding at online selling. Research the market and look out for popular products that might sell. Being aware of popular events, like the Olympics, will also help you to increase your product sales. Maximise your profits by sourcing the most competitive wholesale suppliers too.

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