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Droughts in the UK Continue; Wholesale Buyers Start Sourcing Wholesale Water Butts

It was announced this week that water droughts in the UK could last well into the winter. Drought zones have hit another 17 English counties recently, and the Environment Agency has said dry weather has left many rivers across the UK low.

Hosepipe bans appear to happen every few years in the UK and it seems this is down to the ever changing and unexpected weather. A few weeks ago parts of the country were experiencing BBQ weather while last week saw storms and snow warnings!

But the drought warnings don’t appear to be going anywhere this summer – with hosepipe bans being enforced all over the country and farmers being helped with their storage reservoirs.

Wholesale buyers can profit from this market though – by finding wholesale suppliers of water butts.

Water butts are used to collect rain water over night and as rain water is thought to be better for plants than tap water, consumers will no doubt be searching for them this summer. They are easy to fit and once in place can provide a cost cutting service for consumers too – instead of upping their water bill they simply use rain water.

Watering cans will also be in demand from consumers as they are a great way of limiting the amount of water being used.

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