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With the number of sales of Apple products still remaining strong in the UK, it’s definitely worth adding some of these items to your inventory.

Undoubtedly the most popular technology brand out there is Apple. With so much variety in their portfolio, Apple appears to offer something for every consumer. And although there can be stiff competition from other resellers looking to sell on Apple products, you can make a healthy return on investment on some of these products if they are bought at the right wholesale price.

Portable devices are a necessity for most consumers today – listening to music, calling contacts and surfing the internet on the move is something most consumers demand every day. The Apple iPhone is still one of the most popular smart phones and although there have been new model releases every year, each model retains its value fairly well. The Apple iPod is still a popular purchase for many consumers wanting to listen to music on the go. They come in a variety of colours and models too – from the classic model to the smaller iPod Shuffle model.

As well as purchasing units to resale, you could look at purchasing iPhone and iPod accessories as these have also proven very popular with consumers including speaker docks. Speaker docks can be compact and can play music directly from a device either via Bluetooth or a charger connection. The team at Wholesale Scout have been looking for wholesalers that can offer these products at competitive prices and now the research team have found some suppliers offering some fantastic deals on iPod speaker docks. Some of the products the team found can offer a large return on investment – with profit making opportunities of over £100 on every five units purchased.

Finding tablet computers at wholesale prices can really help you to boost your profits too as some of these items can come with great mark-up opportunities. The Apple iPad has been a popular tablet choice for many consumers but the introduction of the Apple iPad Mini has seen even more people investing in the Apple brand. The iPad Mini has a 7 inch screen and is much more portable than its predecessor. It still has the trademark Apple look – white and glossy with smooth rounded edges, which has always proven popular with consumers. The team at Wholesale Scout have also found a number of wholesalers offering products at well below the RRP price.

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