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Be a Bookworm and Wriggle Your Way to Some Profits

Books are always a great stock item for wholesale traders not only are they a popular item amongst retail buyers they’re also easy to store, package and send. On top of that there is a plethora of review sites out there allowing would be customers to check whether they’re buying the right book for them – these review sites can also serve as a great aid to wholesale buyers as they can be used as a gauge on whether or not to stock a book or not.

With this in mind we’ve always ensured that there is a good selection of book wholesalers within our directory but in this modern age of Kindles and Tablets we thought it was worth our research team looking into the best deals currently available on good old fashioned books – for which there is still a big market.

Many people still like the feel and usability of a traditional book – no battery woes, no waiting for things to load and no flight attendants complaining at you to turn it off on an aeroplane. So our research team delved into their contacts to seek out a reliable book wholesaler that had some of the most popular titles available at a profitable price. The WholesaleScout research team came up with the literary goods and found a UK supplier selling books to the trade at up to 80% off the retail price! Here’s just a few of this supplier’s stock offering;



Wholesale Price per Unit

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 5 Units

Senna versus Prost




The Fallen Angel – David Hewson




Devil in my Bed – Celeste Bradley




Straight Up – Danny Dyer




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

From the psychological thrillers of David Hewson to autobiographies from popular UK actors like Danny Dyer this wholesaler of books has a great range of stock and if you’re interested in this sector you should get in touch with them today.

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