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The health and fitness industry is worth a whopping £3.92 billion in the UK and if you are looking to invest in some products then wholesale gym equipment could be a lucrative option.

Health and fitness is huge in the UK and is a growing market. Recent figures suggest that over seven million people in the UK have a gym membership however, with gym costs usually costing a small fortune, many consumers in the UK now look to working-out at home to get their exercise fix.

Although the number of people joining gyms in the UK is high, a survey published in Which? in 2011 revealed that £37 million is wasted by consumers per year on unused gym memberships. This may suggest that many people find it hard to motivate themselves to leave the house to work-out or it could suggest some people just aren’t allowing enough time to exercise in the gym. Because of this many people look to purchase gym equipment to use indoors at home. Not only does this cut costs, as it’s usually a one-off payment, but it can also help some people fit the gym into their everyday lifestyles. Gym equipment comes in all shapes and sizes too so can usually be stored easily.

So what products are popular? Equipment bought for home use can really vary; cross trainers, treadmills, yoga mats, gym balls, resistance bands, free weights, multi-gyms… these are all popular purchases which, if bought at the right wholesale price, could present some large profit making opportunities.

Within the Wholesale Scout wholesale directory there are a number of health and fitness wholesalers offering some competitive prices. Some items can be bought in minimum quantities however to secure the best wholesale prices, it’s worth looking at pallets of stock. Usually wholesalers offering pallets will be selling each item at well below the RRP price – giving you the ultimate opportunity to resale with healthy profit margins.

Find wholesalers and look for products to boost your profits – get started now.

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