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Pick up a Bargain on Refurbished Car Audio Equipment

Since the rise in popularity of modifying cars throughout the 90s the car audio industry has boomed to the point where almost a third of cars over 7 years old now have some kind of aftermarket stereo system. Whether it’s a high end sound system or just a better replacement for the standard manufacturer unit there are many consumers out there in this sector.

As this industry sector is so popular we often get asked to find specific suppliers of the major brands for our users and we have a section within our site dedicated to trade car audio dealers offering great deals on top brands like Alpine, Fusion, Kenwood, JL and Sony. With this in mind this month we set our research team the task of unearthing some specific deals in this sector that would help our members make good profits selling the brands car audio buyers love.

The WholesaleScout team’s research led them to uncovering a supplier offering unbelievable deals on refurbished car stereos that enabled wholesale buyers to not only make a good profit on re-sale but to also offer their retail customers the security of a one year manufacturer’s warranty – certainly an attractive proposition. Here’s the research team’s pick of the refurbished car audio deals, we’re sure they’ll catch the eye of your customers;



Wholesale Price per Unit

Likely Re-Sale Price Per Unit

Profit per 5 Units

Kenwood Head Unit CD DAB Radio with iPod Control




Kenwood Double DIN CD USB Radio Head Unit




Pioneer Double Din CD Head Unit




Pioneer Bluetooth CD Radio




*All prices correct at the time of publishing.

This is just a sample range of the refurbished car audio products our recommended supplier stocks for the full range and details on how to order get in touch with them on the details below.

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