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Beckham Sells Books

It’s a great feeling when you find a product that you just know will sell. Whether it’s the latest technological gadget like the new 3G iPhone or something much more day-to-day like a great value living room rug you still get that sense of excitement at the thought of making some great sales.

The problem is that there’s always a risk involved as you can never be absolutely certain a product will race off the shelves. Well, this month, we think we’ve found one which will keep those nagging doubts to an absolute minimum; it’s the new photographical book about the world’s favourite football pin-up David Beckham. The book is called “VII: David Beckham” and it documents the star’s rise to world fame, his footballing successes with Manchester Utd and Real Madrid plus the development of his private life with Victoria and his family. With the ex-England captain’s popularity with men and women alike you know that if you can source this book at the right price that it will be a huge success. That’s why when we found WholesaleScout supplier (Register for the Wholesaler Details) selling the item at just £3 wholesale we thought we’d struck gold for our members.

A cross-reference with eBay confirms that these books are currently selling for anywhere between £8 and £12, so re-sellers are looking to make a minimum of £4 per unit after eBay fees. We think it’s likely there’s a market to sell around ten books a day with currently minimal eBay competition for this product we think you could look to make around £40 per day on this book alone. Which, we hope you’ll agree, is a very healthy profit for one product line in today’s financial climate. So why not get in touch with our recommended supplier and cash in on this great product. Soon your profits might raise a grin as cheeky as Becks’!If you’re interested in finding the details of the auctioneers featured in this case study plus a multitude of top wholesalers from every product sector please register with us at

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