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How to Sell Products on Gumtree

When wholesale buyers look to sell online it’s usually eBay or Amazon they visit. But Gumtree can also be a great place to list items for sale online. Here are some tips to selling online with Gumtree.

Choose Category

When you land on the homepage of Gumtree you’ll see there are a variety of categories you can list your product in. There are a number of services you can use on Gumtree including renting out accommodation but if you are looking to resale some wholesale products you should be heading to the ‘for sale’ section. In here there are a number of subcategories where you can list your product for sale. Home and Garden, Computing and Audio and Stereo are just a few of the examples of categories listed on the site. You should find the one that’s most appropriate for your product and filter this even further i.e. if you are selling a dining room table you should select Home and Garden and dining room furniture. The more you filter your categories, the easier it will be for people to find your product in searches. This should increase your ad’s visibility and should help secure you a sale.

Edit Your Ad

Once you have chosen your category you need to edit your advert. You’ll need to write a catchy title describing the product you are selling, a brief description of the item including any delivery details and a picture. It’s vital that you attach a picture as many consumers looking for items will only consider purchasing if there is a clear picture of the product and its condition.


Once you post an advert for free it will be listed in the relevant category and if there is a consumer interested in buying it you will receive an email. There are a number of functions on the Gumtree site that can boost your ad’s visibility including making it a featured ad, urgent ad or homepage spotlight. Each of these options will charge a fee but once paid your item will be listed on the first page of adverts and therefore will be seen by the majority of people browsing the site. Depending on the products you are selling you could trial a free advert and if you feel you need a quicker sale, you could always look at investing.

You can list multiple items for sale on Gumtree and if you don’t receive much interest you can edit your advert to reduce the price or add more images. A variety of consumers look on Gumtree for a number of different products so it’s definitely another website to add to the list if you’re a reseller.

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