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Tips for Online Selling

Selling products online can be very lucrative so here are some tips to help you maximise your profits!

Keep Up

One of the biggest things to keep in mind if you are sourcing wholesale products to sell online is keeping up with product trends. Trends change online constantly and if you aren’t aware of what your competitors are selling or what people are buying online then you’ll probably be disappointed with your online sales. Check competitors’ websites to view their most popular and new in products. Also consider trends – targeting seasonal products can help you to increase sales and keeping up to date with popular themes and items can also help you to source the best products to sell online.

Use Resources

There are so many resources out there to help you keep on top of trends and to help you decide what products to sell online. Use eBay to check for popular products. You can use the completed listings tool to search for products that have recently sold. Filtering your search to a category and clicking the completed listings tool will allow you to find out the most recent products sold and how much they sold for. This should give you an idea of what products are selling and what kind of profit margins you could be making. If you are thinking of selling via Amazon then check their best sellers section to assess what items are doing well. You can also keep a check on the wholesale news section of Wholesale Scout as the team are regularly updating it with items that are on trend and selling well.

Find Wholesale Suppliers

Contacting the best wholesale supplier is vital if t you want to sell products online and make a healthy return on your investment. There is a list of wholesalers on the Wholesale Scout website that are offering products at well below the RRP. Take time to assess which wholesalers to contact and consider bulk purchases or buying a pallet of products if you believe they are selling rapidly online.

Offer Discounts

If you are using your own eCommerce website to sell products online then consider offering special prices and promotions to attract customers. Offering promotions will help you to attract new customers and should also increase your brand loyalty – just ensure there is enough of a mark-up for you to make a healthy profit.

Upload Pictures

Many consumers like to see photos of the product they are buying so when you come to uploading your products online ensure you include a picture. Showing a picture of the product will instil trust in the customer and should also help you to increase your sales.

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