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How to Improve Profit at a Car Boot Sale

Car boot sales can be very profitable whether you have old items to sell on or you have sourced specific wholesale stock to resale. So how can you maximise your profit at a car boot sale? Here are some ideas.

Product Selection

Having a host of products on your pitch is one way to increase your profit and money making opportunities. People that visit car boot sales are looking for a number of things and if you simply stock one item and it isn’t what people are looking for, then you’re unlikely to receive many visitors to your pitch. Try to select a variety of products – clothing, household items, DVDs and gift ideas are usually good sellers. If you are getting your stock from wholesale suppliers you should try to secure products well below the RRP to increase your return on investment.

Start High

Even if you are desperate to sell on a product you should wait to drop your prices and start high. When you arrive at the car boot sale you should mark your prices as high as possible and only lower them towards the end of the day.

Look at Competition

Having a look at your competition can help you to price your products and could even lead to bigger profits. If someone is selling DVDs near you for a higher price than you then consider marking yours up to see if you can increase your profit.

Look for Products

When you get to the car boot sale take a look around the site before you set up your pitch. Not only will this give you an idea of what other people are pricing their products at, but you may even be able to spot a bargain. Car boot sales are usually full of items and sellers may not realise the actual value of them so it’s always worth looking at possible products to add to your inventory.

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