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DIY is popular all year round and despite sales falling for some retailers, it’s still a profitable sector. If you are looking to invest some cash on new products then spending out on home improvement equipment could be a wise investment for your wholesale business.

The number of home improvement programs on television is vast and since the 1990s consumers have been interested in watching DIY shows and taking inspiration from them. Popular programs like Grand Designs have fuelled sales of DIY equipment across the country as consumers all over the UK invest in their properties (all year round) to either improve them for living in or to improve them for selling on.

And although budgets are tight for many people in the UK, the DIY industry is still worth over £7.5 billion. Large chains like B&Q have reportedly suffered from decreasing sales, but this could be due to the abundance of equipment being available to purchase online at cheaper rates. It’s also thought consumers are reluctant to spend out on large investments and instead look at cheaper ways to improve their home. And despite some retailers posting falling profits in some areas of the market, the UK decorative DIY market appears to be increasing in sales. The decorative market is apparently popular due to the cost – decorative items for the home are a cheap way to make improvements. Sales of wallpaper and paint have increased slightly during the last two years and so purchasing these types of products from wholesalers could boost your profits.

Although more consumers appear to be buying small DIY items, consumers still do invest in larger products and DIY sheds are reportedly one of the most popular DIY consumer purchases.

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