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Get Pole Position in the Sporting Merchandise Market

The best selling products are those which people feel passionate about. It is those items of special importance to people which make them dig their hands into their pockets. It is such a product we have found for this month’s product review – wholesale McLaren Mercedes F1 Team Official T-Shirts as worn by current sporting media darling and hero Lewis Hamilton.

Popularity of Formula 1 in this country has never been higher and that is almost solely due to our very own ‘Tiger Woods of F1’. The young driver’s ability to sell products is so massive that in just his second season of racing he is expected to be given sponsorship deals from huge companies such as TAG Heuer, Vodaphone, Hugo Boss (amongst others) worth around £10 million per year. So we know the hot-shot racer can sell merchandise – where does the re-seller fit in?

The re-seller can capitalise on Lewis’ popularity by sourcing his merchandise and re-selling at a healthy profit, approved WholesaleScout supplier (Register for the Details) has currently got a batch of the in demand official McLaren F1 Team T-Shirts available at an excellent price of £6.25 per unit. These T-Shirts are currently selling on eBay for £14.99 plus postage so the motivated re-seller stands to make over £7 per unit once eBay fees have been deducted. With around 25 of these shirts being sold on eBay everyday you’d only need a quarter of the market share to make yourself over £1000 per month. And we would expect this figure to rise significantly if Lewis continues his good run of form and brings the championship home. So what are you waiting for? Get in pole position and place your order with our recommended wholesaler today!

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