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Making money on eBay (or on any other auction site) is a difficult thing, the market is so vast and competitive that you either have to find some reliable cheap suppliers or have a big helping of “Lady Luck” – in some cases both! As a member of the first part is all taken care of – there are plenty of extremely cheap wholesalers to choose from in our extensive directory.Once the first problem is solved you need to create some luck for you and your business. Most of the time judging whether a product is popular is a little hit and miss. You may need to request a few samples to sell on before you order in bulk or order the minimum amount and testing the market before committing to buying in more. However you can check how a product sells on eBay without buying and re-selling yourself. If you spot a potential profit it’s always wise to cross-reference eBay to see how much the item’s currently going for. If you do this with every potential product you will almost certainly un-earth some gems. One of our recent case study projects proved this.

The Case Study

Whilst we update our ‘Latest Deals’ section we like to peruse eBay to cross reference the items – this ensures we only include profitable products in amongst our member deals. In doing this we often come up with the occasional gem. In this case it was a hard-back book. We know, we know, Amazon have got the whole book selling thing down to a tee, right?….. Wrong! We found WholesaleScout supplier (register for the details) selling Gordon Ramsay’s latest book ‘Healthy Appetite’ for just £6.49 (RRP £20.00), when Amazon were selling it at £8.95 – that’s a whopping 38% more than our supplier! One quick look at eBay found that, due to the chef’s popularity and his books affiliation with his current F Word TV Show, the book was going for well in excess of the wholesale price – most auctions ending between £15 and £18. We thought it would be criminal not to capitalise on this business opportunity and promptly ordered a batch from our recommended supplier and here’s the screen-shot from our first book auction;

That’s a massive £9.72 profit on our first book sold!

This case study proves that there are deals to be had in any industry, even when you are going up against the re-sale giants like Amazon, you just need the right product at the right time and the right wholesaler. So keep your eyes peeled and check the Latest Deals regularly for the next popular item and you’ll make a hefty profit too! If you’re interested in finding the details of the UK wholesale suppliers featured in this case study plus a multitude of top wholesalers from every product sector please register with us at

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