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Using eBay Pulse

We recently mentioned eBay pulse in a wholesale advice article, but what exactly is it? And how can it boost your wholesale business? The team at Wholesale Scout find out.

eBay Pulse is a free tool on eBay which can help you to find out the most popular products and industry trends. By using this you are able to see what is popular on eBay (live time), what people are searching for and what users are selling the most of. This is unbelievably useful in trying to find new wholesale product trends and can really help you to increase your profits.

How To Use eBay Pulse

eBay Pulse will show you what the most popular product searches are. This is an overview of the products that consumers are searching for online. So undoubtedly it will be a list of products that have had thousands of searches. If you go straight into finding one of these products to re-sale you may find it very hard to turn a profit. This is because these products are usually very in demand (think Xbox and iPads) and so lots of different buyers will be selling them. This means more competition for you and unless you have big buying power and access to the cheapest wholesale suppliers you will find it hard to make a good margin. But you can search for categories using eBay Pulse which allows you to create a more niche product search. Why not look in a specific category and see what products people are searching for and buying? Try and find ones that, although are popular, are a bit abstract. Look for products that don’t have many re-sellers as it will mean less competition for you.

What To Do Next?

Once you have established a popular product, search online for retailers and your competitors. Ensure you are not trying to go up against big buyers. Once you find a gap in the market, start using a wholesale directory or networking with your contacts to find wholesale suppliers. Then start selling on eBay and watch your sales grow!

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