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Using Social Networks to Promote Your Wholesale Business

Whether you are a fairly new wholesale business or an experienced reseller you will know how popular and valuable social networking sites are. Businesses of all sizes use these sites to interact with customers and publicise their services. So if you’re not using them yet, you should be!

Facebook now has over 800 million users worldwide and so ignoring a site like this could potentially be quite damaging to your business for a number of reasons;
1) You could be missing out on potential new clients
2) You are being beaten by your competitors (who are probably using it regularly)
3) You are not giving your brand the maximum chance of exposure

Because social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn do not have a tangible ROI, it might make you feel that they aren’t worth investing in. But sites like these, although they don’t bring in direct sales, can help to build your fan base and brand awareness.

Here are a few tips on how to get started;

Set up a relevant page or profile for your brand on the relevant social site. Ensure you use your latest logo and design it similarly to your website to ensure brand consistency.

Fill out the about section. Include as many keywords and details about your business as possible including your website links.

Attach any pictures of products you are selling.

Networking. When you are using a social site you need to interact with your clients and customers so update regularly with relevant news and product information and talk to people.

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