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How to Avoid a Scam on eBay

If you are buying wholesale products and selling them on eBay you have probably come across a few customers who have intended to buy but dropped out at the last minute. As well as not following through on purchases, there are some consumers out there who try and scam retailers online.

This could come in a variety of forms – from promising to purchase a product but never releasing the cash or a customer asking to take delivery of a product before they have paid for it.

Most wholesale buyers sell online and if you are one of them it’s crucial that rules and guidelines are put into place to ensure you protect your wholesale business.

If selling on eBay you should carry out a variety of checks on your customer including;

Checking their feedback score – other retailers would have rated this customer on their reliability. If they have scored low it’s likely they are not a trust worthy buyer so ensure you check.

Check buyers have a PayPal account – this usually guarantees quick and reliable payment.

Keep them talking – if a customer sends you questions ensure you are receiving a reply to your response – if they do not reply regularly it can show they are not interested in purchasing and could be wasting your time

Use tracking numbers – keeping a record of all serial numbers and any conversation threads can help

Just like when you are checking the reliability of wholesale suppliers, you should action similar checks for potential customers. The above will help you to monitor potential customers online although scams are usually rare.

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