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Profit from Harry Potter Movie Merchandise

The final Harry Potter movie in the franchise, The Deathly Hallows, was a phenomenal success in box offices worldwide making over £600m in ticket sales throughout the world’s cinemas this summer and sending Potter fans into delirium in the process. With every popular movie comes affiliated merchandise and these kind of products can be really great sellers for retailers especially when they’re attached to a hugely popular book and film series such as Harry Potter. So with this in mind the WholesaleScout research team has been looking into suppliers of wholesale Harry Potter merchandise which will allow our members to profit from the furore surrounding this phenomenon.

Harry Potter merchandise has been a great seller since the first books were published by JK Rowling ten years ago so our research team knew they were looking for the right kind of product but the difficulty, as always with wholesale trading, is finding a competitively priced reliable supplier for the products. After delving through their contacts for a movie merchandise wholesaler our research team uncovered a well established supplier with a range of Harry Potter products at vastly discounted prices allowing our members to make a great profit return on the re-sale.

Here’s some examples of their Harry Potter stock;



Wholesale Unit Price / Minimum Order Quantity

Likely eBay Sale Price / Unit

Profit per 50 Units

Harry Potter Keyrings

48p / 12 Units



Harry Potter Casting Stones Game 85p / 6 Units



Harry Potter Figure Keyrings

30p / 48 Units



All prices correct at the time of publishing.

These items provide great easy sellers as they are at that special low pricing point – perfect for young Potter fans to purchase. With returns of over 200% these items are also a great opportunity for the re-seller to profit from. Contact this wholesaler to place your order today!

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