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Start your own trading empire with Star Wars Bobble Heads

Official Star Wars merchandise has long been big business for retailers with any manor of products from toys to clothing and video games enjoying great public demand due to the immense popularity of the now fabled movie series. Throughout the course of LucasFilm’s merchandising of Star Wars products this sector has raised over a whopping $9 billion for the company in revenue. Toys and action figures in particular have always been great sellers as limited edition models often become collectibles and can be very valuable to collectors in the future. That’s why when we heard that Star Wars were planning to release an official range of bobble head figures of all the movies characters (Luke Skywalker, Obi Won Kenobi, Hans Solo, Yoda – even the evil Emperor Palpatine is in there) we knew we had to find a cheap reliable wholesale supplier to ensure our members capitalised on this opportunity.

After some initial forays using our wholesale supplier contacts we managed to find a company that could offer the Star Wars Bobble Head figures at a very competitive wholesale price and had a consistent stock of the item. Additionally this supplier only required a minimum order of six units which allows re-sellers to trial the product initially without parting with too much of their hard-earned capital. A cross-reference with eBay proved that there was a mark up of over £9 to be had on some characters with a healthy market demand as most sellers were moving three-five units per day! This confirmed that these great looking Star Wars figures could become great wholesale stock for our members. If you’re interested in profiting from official Star Wars merchandise then don’t delay – contact our recommended wholesaler today and may the Force be with you!

Official Star Wars Bobble Head Figures (7” Tall)

Supplier Price: £4.99 (MOQ 6 Units)

Likely Sale Price:  £12.99 

Profit per Order £48

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