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In the increasingly busy digital world there has unfortunately been an ever increasing element of cyber crime. Whether it’s internet scam artists launching viruses to collect bank details from people’s home computers or sophisticated hackers intent on creating havoc. Either way the modern internet user has had to evolve to protect against these evils which will be ever-present. With the meteoric rise in popularity of internet shopping and our dependence on computers it’s even more of a priority to keep your computer and your personal details safe. It is this issue that has made a good anti-virus programme a major priority for every cyber surfer and it is on the latest and greatest anti-virus software from McAfee that we focus our attention for this month’s case study.

For 2010 the world renowned anti-virus software company is launching its new programme designed to be leaner running and better performing against all the latest computer ailments. It also includes McAfee’s award winning SiteAdvisor web security system to keep browsers safe from visiting untrustworthy sites and to allow them to shop online with confidence. It’s these new and improved features coupled with the reputation of the McAfee brand that will make this product a great seller for traders this year. With this in mind our research team set about finding some reliable wholesalers of this product at a profitable price to ensure our members can capitalise on this opportunity early in the year. After some delving through our computer software wholesale contacts our team managed to find a supplier with a steady stock of this item at a price well below retail allowing our members to make around £450 per minimum order quantity sold!

McAfee Internet Security 2010

Supplier Price: £5.64 (Ex VAT – MOQ 50 Units)

RRP: £49.95

Likely Sale Price:  £14.99 

Profit per Order £450

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