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The Rocky Road to Success

This month we turn to the movie memorabilia domain for a wonderful profit making opportunity.

Rocky TM is undoubtedly one of the most successful movie franchises in the history of world cinema. Over the six films we have been entertained by some very colourful characters, all kitted out in their own trademarked apparel. Thanks to the wonders of, erm, mass sewing/embroidery, these items of clothing are available to buy at wholesale prices!

First of all we need to identify a demand for the products and that certainly isn’t a problem. There are hundreds of Rocky fanatics who fancy eating their breakfast in one of these official robes. Take a look at this ebay auction for evidence of that:

Somebody has seen fit to pay £33 plus £4.95 postage and packaging for one of these very fetching robes. It costs no more than £2.50 to post this within the UK so that’s £2.45 profit already. Let’s see how much it costs to buy them:

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You can buy the official robe from our recommended supplier for just $24.95. With the resurgence of the dollar against the pound this represents a little more money these days but still only works out at £16.90.

The only issue is that they have to be shipped from America. No issue if you’re planning to do this in bulk. Any orders over $70 cost just $31.95 so based on an example of 20 robes you pay just £21.50 to get them over here. That is just £1 per robe.

Here is the full price breakdown:


20 Robes – 20 x $24.95 = $499 (£339)

Postage to UK – $31.95 (£21.50)

Postage Within UK – 20 x £2.50 = £50

Total = £410.05


20 Robes – 20 x £33 = £660

Postage – 20 x £4.95 = £99

Total = £759

Profit = £759 – £410.05 = £348.95

There are a wide variety of robes and other Rocky memorabilia available on our official suppliers site, all of which suggest a profitable venture on ebay, so give it a go. Don’t they always say that the road to success is Rocky?

If you’re interested in finding the details of the wholesaler featured in this case study plus a multitude of top wholesalers from every product sector please register with us at

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